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QA, Automation
& DevOps

End-to-end cloud automation, Qa, and infrastructure optimization is a Quoted Infotech core service division. Clients pivot on our expertise to boost their systems, software applications, and establish reliable continuity. Leverage our honed skills today. Get a new lease on the enhancement of your business and product efficiency: It’s the quickest way to gain competitive advantage.

When it comes to DevOps, nothing is good enough unless your derived solutions are fully comprehensive. Our team seamlessly conquers any tech complexity, including a complete re-architecture of the existing-infrastructure (developed from scratch, but only if necessary) - without any downtime.

Our Qa automation services, optimize your workflow and debug your systems while exponentially uplifting your code quality. The end-benefit to you is a clear path for building and adding new features to meet the everchanging market conditions.

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Embrace Our QA, Automation, and DevOps Services Today.

The Quickest Time to market with Unsurpassed Agility

The Quickest Time to market with Unsurpassed Agility

Quoted Infotech automates almost all your repetitive tasks that cover deployment, server provisioning, and testing for mind-boggling IT agility. We do this for you without compromising the high-quality coding you expect and upholding the most professional bug-prevention standards. All of this, with zero disruption through our continuous integration and continuous delivery services.

Increase Product Reliability and end-to-end Testing Efficiency

Increase Product Reliability and end-to-end Testing Efficiency

Deliver your users exactly what they want to see, the way they want to see it - rapidly, reliably, and clearly. Everything rests on the quality of your application and infrastructure adjustments as and when applicable. Achieve unsurpassed product reliability in an assured, safe way through end-to-end software testing and Qa services. Our focus on the latest centralized Monitoring and Logging methodologies keep you abreast of realtime performance at all times.

Speedy response to your customers’ needs

Speedy response to your customers’ needs

One thing’s a certainty in modern markets: user expectations shift, sometimes parabolically. Stay ahead of expectations with the ability to innovate at the speed of light. Our DevOps services enable you to consistently monitor and respond to market disruptions by updating your current offers, alongside fast new product/feature delivery. We apply continuous automation and regression testing to give you the latitude for safe experimentation and testing for release of new product offers with confidence.

Scale with Zero Downtime

Scale with Zero Downtime

Downtime's a “market-killer.” If it’s still an issue in your infrastructure, now’s the time to address it. Don’t let downtime count you out in the race for your customers’ attention. Our connection to the latest Rolling-Rollout-based deployment and backward compatibility eliminates user-disruption at every level. Moreover, we directly interface the challenges posed by application growth rates, storage capacity usage, and bandwidth. Our DevOps services automatically scale up your infrastructure to meet any workload and remove unnecessary resources to save on operational costs.

Reduced your overall project cost

Reduced your overall project cost

New code often breaks things. So, periodic regression testing is a DevOps necessity. Qa automation (versus old-fashioned manual testing methods) cuts costs and diametrically improves product quality. Integration of the cloud in DevOps implementation convincingly addresses waste: you only pay for what you use, elevating your infrastructure activity to nothing less than optimal usage. Autoscaling ensures you use only the required resources necessary to accommodate the load of your current system (without human intervention).

Security integration

Security integration

Potential risks to your infrastructure frequently hide until rearing their ugly heads as a reality. Quoted Infotech’s security-minded DevOps approach is onto this, boots and all. Our early-warning security tools integration is designed to foresee latent system-disruptors and remove them from the equation - seamlessly and fast. Continuous automated testing bolsters your defenses to protect users and significantly reduce exposure to security vulnerabilities. We prevent sensitive data breaches with technologies like storage encryption, authentication testing, and more.

Leverage our All-In-One DevOps services
& take your business/product efficiency to new heights.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps Consulting

Feel secure in Quoted Infotech’s capability to provide automation and continuous delivery fast and seamlessly by Optimal utilization of your infrastructure resources. Our expertise gets to the bottom of any IT system problem within one day of you consulting with us. So, if you are confused by the complex array of DevOps solutions available, don’t worry for another second. Our professional consulting team is equipped to assess your entire IT situation before structuring an easy-to-follow strategic long term DevOps plan customized to your needs.

Here are some of the high-demand service options our clients find give them the most value.

  • Gather your requirement and analyze your business objectives.

  • Offer a range of suitable DevOps implementation strategy.

  • Estimate cost for the DevOps implementation model.

  • Recommend you appropriate DevOps toolchains and assist you in implementation.

  • Evaluate the reasonability of implementing DevOps at the project.

  • Custom implementation of DevOps metrics to calculate the ROI.

DevOps As A Service

DevOps As A Service

You’ll find that integrating our DevOps expertise as an integral component of your overall IT backup is the best thing you can do. Our DevOps team is accessible at any time to jump-start any system project and ensure that it reaches the pinnacle of efficiency. We get right down to accelerating delivery & market feedback, enhancing software quality, and reducing your project costs at the same time. Many of our clients say the $ savings make our fee a no-brainer. Our service range includes DevOps solutions built from the bottom up (i.e., from scratch), and stretches as far as reconfiguring your IT infrastructure if need be. Let our expertise in custom frameworks, and effective tool-chains give any project that elusive “unfair competitive advantage.”

DevOps implementation typically includes the following defined cloud-based activities:

  • End-to-end infrastructure management.

  • Centralized log management.

  • 24/7 Tracking and monitoring.

  • Deployment and release management.

  • Auto-scaling and environment provisioning.

  • Continuous integration and delivery.

  • Infrastructure security integration.

  • Implementation of Risk analysis and threat modeling to identify security flaws.

Automation Service

Automation Service

The Quoted Infotech team of test engineers provides reliable, fast full-cycle testing, and a full quality assurance overview for all your applications - desktop and mobile alike. Comprehensive Regression testing is a routine activity on every project in which we’re involved. It establishes the highest quality standards possible on all our deliverables. Quality Assurance also extends to standalone software, where we excel. We specialize in single project, end-to-end testing that inevitably involves dedicated focus and inclusion of all your relevant staff to achieve optimum results. It works exceptionally well when it comes to mid/ long term projects that impact your IT objectives.

You can rely on our test engineers to implement the following Automation Testing in compliance with the highest professional standards:

  • End to End testing

  • Functional testing

  • Smoke testing

  • Load testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Integration Testing

Our DevOps Toolchains

Modern digital businesses rely emphatically on software delivery speed and effectiveness, supporting agile methodologies, automation, and collaboration. The Quoted Infotech DevOps team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to accelerating your delivery, optimizing your orchestration, and reducing your TCO. Our resource pool includes a large array of devOps tools as shown in the table below. They enable us to manage applications throughout the software development lifecycle for any business domain.

Cloud Platforms and Virtualization

Amazon Web Services • Google Cloud Platform • Digital Ocean

Configuration and Infrastructure Management

Ansible • Terraform 


AWS CloudFormation • Kubernetes • Docker Swarm 

Continuous Integration

Jenkins • GitLab • CircleCI • BitBucket • Travis CI

Automation Testing

Selenium • Cucumber • Mocha • Jest 


Docker • Amazon EC2 

Monitoring, Alerting and Logging

AWS CloudWatch • ELK Stack • Sumologic • Bugsnag • Sentry • Datadog • Logstash


Jira • Asana • Trello • Skype • Gitlab • Slack • Bitbucket

Source Control


Advantages of Working with our Devops Experts

Our expertise in DevOps and the Cloud environment energizes our clients efforts to gain the most from high-performing cloud environments. Amazon Cloud Computing Services and other cloud computing technologies allow SMB and Large Enterprise to accelerate service delivery and benefit from enhanced security. All this is possible while experiencing faster performance in your applications, tools and planned infrastructure under our guidance.

When you trust in us to raise your game to a new level, we bring the following critical benefits to the forefront of your operations:

  • Expertise in leading cloud technologies.

  • Security-first implementation.

  • Hassle-free migration to cloud.

  • Zero downtime.

  • A large pool of DevOps toolchains.

  • Optimal utilization of infrastructure resources.

  • Around the clock monitoring of your system.

  • DevOps implementation using agile methodologies.

  • We manage your infrastructure, allowing you to focus other business objectives.

Our Toolbox

Is Deployment, Scaling, and Testing of your project filling your life with a whole lot of stress? Let us automate it for you.