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HomeTales - A people's network allows you to connect with people. Buy, sell, exchange, or renovate your home with HomeTales

Project Overview

HomeTales is a Netherland-based startup that plans on revamping the much-static real estate market into a dynamic space that is run by actual people. The initiative is more like a social network platform where users and professionals meet each other to close deals. Quoted Infotech developed the overall solution to solve the communication gap related issue for professionals, as the client wanted. The final solution was comprehensive and efficient.

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4 - Mobile applications (2 * Android, 2 * IOS) powered by the scalable backend | SaaS

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Engagement Model

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Node.js, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, WebSocket, Swagger, Kotlin, Swift, Docker, Kubernetes, Graylog, Fluentbit, Digital Ocean

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24 Months

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System Architecture

Monolithic -> Microservices

Business Objectives / Business challenge

Based on the concept of a social media network, the client was in search of something that is easy to access and open for all. The core properties of the solution included ease to connect, simplicity, and the ability to engage with each other. As per the client’s requirements, the solution must make the property search easy, fun, and faster. Further, the solution had to comply with the GDPR norms since the client served the EU market.

Technical Challenges

When we first came to know about the project, we were both, excited and curious. The project was completely Monolithic - Meaning that it was neither scalable nor optimized for better performance. A lot of things had to be done and in a way that would stick by the rules.

We had to apply to re-engineer solutions while maintaining the stability of the existing system. Though it was extremely challenging, we never gave up. The road map was set and adopting the agile workflow, we successfully converted the legacy system to a micro-service driven cutting-edge app. Though a huge feat, the solution required more.

Building a scalable chat system appeared to be crucial yet confusing. A system coded to act as a chatbox, relying on or working with the single server, is easy. Problems arise when the same solution needs to be scalable. To deal with this challenge, we did a study and performed several types of research on how tech giants such as LinkedIn have implemented the chat system. Keeping them as our reference, we developed a similar solution for HomeTales.

Lastly, the client inquired if a cost-effective architecture would be more effective. Considering it to be another part, we decided to go with a Kubernetes based cluster solution with CI/CD pipelines to streamline the deployment. It took a couple of weeks to have the final solution but for what it's worth, we loved the process.

Delivered solution

Truly, the project was more like a ride over the mountain top. Stumbled by hurdles, our positive mindset and problem-solving attitude helped us to successfully deliver all of the four applications in the decided time frame. We made it a point to keep our clients in the loop. This ensured minimal modifications with the end product being the best of all.

Key Modules


Every user would have 3 options - Sign in with Google, Sign In with Facebook, Sign-in with Linked In apart from email/password. An additional choice is given to the iOS users allowing them to sign in with Apple - One tap login.

Property Listing and Search

Users can create a profile of their property adding basic details that would then be visible to the community. Series of filters and algorithms are used to display relevant profiles to the end-users. Further, the integration of AR (augmented reality), and location-based algorithms allow the end-user to search relevant profiles in a fun and faster way.

Pro Profile Listing and Search

Advanced level searches where professionals such as plumbers, 360-degree photo makers, etc can easily create their profile/resume to connect with like-minded people and generate business deals.

Tale Stories and Social Network

Apparently, the coolest feature of HomeTales, this allows users to share stories of their homes/properties with the community and also engage with the community members in a fun way.

Connecting with the Community

Users can expand the network, connect with like-minded ones, collaborate, chat, and discuss ideas with them.

Tale Project

For big real-estate projects that need professionals and users to work together, Tale Project offers them a commonplace to work, discuss, plan, and execute together.

Realtime messaging

Facilitating chat or communication with members of the network or in a group in real-time.

System Notification and Push Notification

Send alerts and notifications to the end-users for various actions.

GDPR Compliance

This allows users to have total ownership of their data. Users can also request for their data any time or even delete them as and when they want.

Business Value

To be precise, HomeTales is a real-time real estate market that allows users to buy, sell, or exchange their properties without requiring third-party assistance. At the same time, it lets professionals connect with the community and generate business. Providing the facility for smooth communication, rendering an enterprise-grade user experience, and continually improving the existing features is our priority for HomeTales for now.

Result and Future

An excellent initiative, HomeTales can redefine the real estate market and embed advanced tech to make the experience much more effective and personalized. Quoted Infotech team did a commendable job in this regard, and the client was pretty happy with the outcome.

The project is now in maintenance and is being enhanced time-to-time by us. We are trying to gradually improve user experience, add community-related advancements, and make it more aligned with the changing state of the real estate market.

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