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About Us

Quoted Infotech Founder & CTO
founder & CTO

Malik Lakhani

Who We Are

About Our Company

We incorporated The Quoted Infotech in 2019, mandated to provide optimal IT solutions.

It’s the culmination of a young entrepreneur’s dream and the ambitious realization of his passion for this fascinating business (going as far back as the 7th grade). The "techie" was excited to initiate his rollercoaster journey from student to IT entrepreneur. In short, Quoted Infotech was designed to initiate the perfect convergence of Geeks, Suits, and Artists.

Our polyglot team is our key differentiator and the strength of our concierge IT consulting services. We are committed to providing world-class Internet solutions as an integral accelerator of your business. Our trained technicians remain current on the latest information technologies and software development best practices. It gives us a compelling competitive IT advantage, and a clear path to diversify our technological capabilities. We are the people working behind the scenes transforming Garage Startups to Multi-Million Dollar Entities by leveraging our multi-domain expertise.

Quoted Infotech Vision

Our Vision

To be regarded as a trusted technology partner for SMB clients around the globe by providing a broad range of cutting-edge IT solutions.

Quoted Infotech Mission

Our Mission

We deliver the highest quality, affordable custom software solutions centered on value & competitive advantage. Thus, elevate our clients’ businesses to the top-most levels of digital security & cutting-edge Internet design.

Our Company Profile

Our History

Our Core Values

Customer First

Customer First

We’re on our clients IT wavelength at every level, under every circumstance. Our focused team is attuned particularly to the exacting IT requirements of Small & Medium size businesses (SMB). We go the extra mile to provide better than expected digital-tech value for your money.

Cohesive Teamwork

Cohesive Teamwork

Built on synergistic principles (where two and two add up to five), our team is more like a family than a working unit. We have complete trust in each other, knowing that the power of collective tech thinking and unbreakable togetherness rises to the occasion. We’re able to meet every IT challenge, affordably, seamlessly, and confidently - leaving nothing but a broad smile on our clients’ faces.

Think Big

Think Big

There’s no client task too big or too small for our team. Every client, no matter what the job entails, receives the heralded Quoted Infotech VIP treatment. We don’t get boxed in by anything – we think outside of the box to derive IT solutions quicker, more lasting, and less expensively than anything you can imagine.



Innovation is the lifeblood of client productivity. We turn new ideas into profitable, more affordable IT solutions that are easier to navigate. Our team doesn’t just fix your IT components – we make them work faster, more reliable, and we introduce new IT opportunities as they arise. The IT Innovation & Leadership offered by Quoted Infotech is at your fingertips, only one click away.

Craftsmanship meets Professionalism

Craftsmanship meets Professionalism

Professionalism and Craftsmanship merge at Quoted Infotech for a stellar, disciplined approach. We bend over backward to derive tailor-made IT solutions that meet your online digital needs with exactness. You shouldn’t settle for anything less, because we certainly don’t.

Transparency and Open Door

Transparency and Open Door

We have nothing to hide. On the contrary, we thrive on sharing our IT savvy, tech innovative solutions, and professional integrity with our clients and between Quoted Infotech team members. We welcome synergistic interaction in an open-door environment to get to better IT solutions for you.

If you find that Customer Satisfaction, Transparency, and Innovation are important aspects of your business. You’re at the right place.